There is ALWAYS HOPE people!

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There is ALWAYS HOPE people!

My mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer level3. THey said we are giving chemo only for support and not for a cure.. it was sad news, but we never lost hope in God and thought with the power of God this can be beaten.. After having so much cancer found on the stomach the CT scan after 6 months had shown NO SIGNS OF CANCER!

so the doctors can sometimes make it a big deal, when its something that can be cured.

my message to you is DO NOT LOOSE HOPE. The hard times come for a while, few months, but then you can have your normal life again.

Accept that this is a life phase, and everyone goes through something, sometime in their lives.. you need to soldier on and know that we are all going to dia one day, but have faith and God will help you to get through it in the least painful way possible.


i hope your loved ones are also cured from this dreadful illness, and that you never have to go through such hard times again....

With Peace.

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