Wanting advice to help support my partner

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Wanting advice to help support my partner

Hi All.

My partner was diagnosed with Metastic lung cancer just over 12 months ago. He has had a tumor removed from his brain, had radiation, chemo & is now on immunotherapy. Together we have coped really well I think we have tried to keep positive about how his treatment is going and we have been trying to enjoy our lives as much as we can doing a little bit of travelling & we had plans for more. He had some scans a few weeks ago & the results compared to the previous one 6mths earlier hadn't changed much. Not worse but just about the same. The doctor originally told us 2yrs but I think I was thinking a lot longer but my partner, I think might be wanting to give up. He is sick of doing the treatments & I understand that. I want to support him in what ever decision he makes but I am scared that if he stops treatment he will decline faster. The cancer is now contained to one lung as all other cancers have been dealt with either surgically or with treatment. He has been braver that me throughout the process but I am not sure how to support him at the moment. I want to help him get back to a more positive space but don't want to say the wrong thing. Would really appreciate some advice from someone who is or has been in his situation?

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Re: Wanting advice to help support my partner

Hi, I'm so sorry you have to deal with this.  I'm not in exactly the same situation, my husband has been in remission from stage 4 non-Hodgkin lymphoma for 7 years, but I understand what it's like to have a partner with cancer.  I don't really have any advice for what to say, but I can tell you that a number of times over the years my husband has thanked me sincerely for staying with him during all this.  He said that I had the option of leaving him and escaping this horrible situation, but I didn't.  He's been very thankful and felt very supported by this. 


You've been doing the same too. I think regardless of what you or say, the fact that you are still with your partner will be so valuable to him.  Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you've got this.  Sending huge encouraging hugs, Emily

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