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feeling confused, nanny got back results from pet scan and they are now saying hot spots were seen on lining of lungs and blood vessels into the pancreas ,,, where her cancer originally started.. not strong enough for chemo at the moment so has to try to build herself up again, they say she needs chemo to prolong her life but not definatyly saying it is cancer even though her cancer tumors are up. are these doctors honest or just tell you what you want to hear... sounds to me like they talk in riddles so it doesnt sound as bad as it is.. roller coaster ride of emotions for the whole family never lone nannie who one day says no more treatment and thank goodness has picked back up mentally and ready to fight again... the unkown sux..
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Re: confused

It sounds as though they are being honest in saying she needs chemo but is not strong enough yet. I can't really say but it makes sense to me. You may want them to hurry but she may not be able to cope physiically yet. I understand your sense of urgency but if you are confused you or her care giver may ask the doctor to explain it more clearly . Sometimes we don't have a question when told something new but later we do.I think this happens to most of us at some time during cancer .
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