Bowel cancer scans

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Bowel cancer scans

Hello, i have read the bowel cancer booklet available online but hoping for some clarification if possible

Have just found out someone has or may have bowel cancer, details are fuzzy it was an emotional conversation and i didn't have the right questions ready at the time

If he is having an mri this week what stage of the process is that? 

Does that mean its 100% confirmed and just finding out how bad it is, or is this still early stages of detection and there may still be good news here?

He said the dr has given him 2yrs but i don't  know if that is just worst case scenario talking or if it would actually be confirmed

Thank you for any further info you can give me 

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Re: Bowel cancer scans

Dear Jessicadianne,


I have sent you a private message, but I thought I would also post here for others who may have similar questions about testing and prognoses. Our health professionals on the 131120 Information and Support line (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) may be able to provide some further information on what these tests might mean, although this would be general as they would not be able to provide advice based on your friend or family member's specific situation. 


You might also find this Cancer Council leaflet useful as it addresses questions of what might be helpful when someone you know has had a diagnosis of cancer.


Take care,


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