treatment of oesophageal advanced cancer

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treatment of oesophageal advanced cancer

hi, new here and didn't know where to husband was diagnosed with advanced ec with keys to lymph system on the 3rd may 2017, and he passed away on Wednesday morning 28th June, had no treatment as they were putting him on a trial, then he needed a dye scan and it affected his kidneys and they failed..he was hospitalised and we were told Friday week ago there was no chance of dialysis as he had cancer so they swapped him to palliative care..his kidneys restarted and they were talking positively if some hope, so they gave him a fleet enema Tuesday night, it went bad, he was screaming in agony and he had a funny turn on the toilet, i had to save him from falling off and hitting his head...the nurses did not believe me, and I asked them not do do any further treatment until the next day to give him a husband called at 11.30 pm in a panic and was very distressed as he wanted to vomit out picoprep they administered after I left...he was dead a few hours later...the death certificate says advanced cancer and deranged electrolytes killed my husband..i know he had cancer but I feel they made him suffer un needlessly at the so lost...

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Re: treatment of oesophageal advanced cancer

I'm so sorry, what happened sounds absolutely awful.  I'm glad you found this forum.  I haven't really got anything to add, but I just wanted to send you some big hugs.  Stay connected. love Emily

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