Femara / Letrizole

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Femara / Letrizole

Hi everyone.


My Mum recently had a mastectomy as a result of a breast cancer diagnosis about 5 weeks ago. She has now been put on Letrizole/Femara for the next 5 years. Does anyone have any experience with this medication? 


Thank you 

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Re: Femara / Letrizole

Hi @Melbiks and welcome,


Sorry to hear of your Mum's diagnosis, how is she doing? And also importantly, how are you handling it all?


We have a fantastic section on our website, that covers everything relating to breast cancer, including treatments. You can access that here.


We also have a series of PDF publications that may be of interest to you:


Has anyone had any experience with Femara or Letrizole, that could offer some insight to @Melbiks?




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