CML question, anything helps

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CML question, anything helps

So my fiance was diagnosed 13 months ago, the Dr said he wouldn't have made it another 5 days, had I not forced him to go to the ER. He has responded super well to treatment , he takes tasigna. When this all started his WBC was 327000, highest his hematologist has ever seen. But he bounced back. My concern is every night, probably for the last 2 weeks, he gets hit with awful waves of nausea as soon as he lays down. It doesn't matter If he felt awesome all day, he's sick the second his head hits the pillow. Does anyone else deal with anything like this, maybe is something entirely separate, but I know those chemo meds that saved him are also hard on the body. And info, advice welcome. Thanks

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Re: CML question, anything helps


I'm sorry to hear about your fiance.

I know very little about CML, so I thought I would provide the cancer council information page.

I hope he continues to improve.  My thoughts are with you.


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Re: CML question, anything helps

This resource will help a lot, I'm so sorry.
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