Colorectal Cancer Symptoms

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Colorectal Cancer Symptoms


im 18 years old and have blood and mucus when I go to the bathroom and most strange of all is my stool is a light clay colour I’m bloated and have abnormal amounts of gas, my bloods came back completely normal, no anemia and no inflammatory markers. My GP is not at all concerned it’s cancer she says I’m far to young, but due to my concern she’s sending me for a colonoscopy and an ultrasound. 
I feel awful posting about this but it’s keeping me up at night, my dad passed away from colorectal cancer back in 2019 and seeing what he went through terrifies me. 
do my symptoms match colon cancer? 

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Re: Colorectal Cancer Symptoms



I'm sorry to hear about your Dad.

Your GP is probably right, and it's probably unlikely to be cancer. But you never know and it's great that your GP is listening to you.  It still definitely should be followed up on. You shouldn't have blood in your stool.


I don't know what it is that you're feeling awful about.  Feel free to chat anytime about what ever you want. We talk about a lot of shit around here (Sorry - pun intended).


The link below contains some information on common bowel cancer symptoms (the ones you've provided I don't see listed there, to be honest),  but also includes some information for yourself in being prepared to talk to your GP.


Good luck and please let me know how you go!!!



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Re: Colorectal Cancer Symptoms

Try having a second opinion from a different doctor just to be sure.
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Re: Colorectal Cancer Symptoms

thank you so much for your kindness and reply!

I’ve had a Abdominal Ultrasound that showed nothing abnormal and a stool test that also came back more or less normal, my next test is a Cat Scan on Wednesday and I’m still waiting for the Gastroenterologist to contact me about a colonoscopy. 
my bloods are still completely ideal and normal.

I just wanna have this Cat scan done so I can cross cancer off the possible causes! it’s playing havoc on my mind! 
Once again thank you so much for your reply! I hope your well! 


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