Dad's chemo is working, but Oncologist wants to stop treatment - I don't understand why?


Re: Dad's chemo is working, but Oncologist wants to stop ...

Gday Raelene...Thought I would contact you while the Steroids are still working(Dexamethasone) lol,,my body is saying,,"We WANT Sleep" but unfortunately the mind is saying.."I am the boss...We are doing this now...then that has to be done etc..etc..etc." .So here it is at 4:30 am (been up since 2) and have no indication when I will get tired!!! I see your Dad is having problems with his blood count.I had this when I was on the GEM/Carbo Chemo. 2 X blood transfusions and 2 X(3 Days) stays in Hospital in isolation.A few things I`ve learnt here that have helped me.Firstly, and most important is temperature.If his fever gets to 38, go strait to hospital and get on anti-biotics.This is important!I keep all records of My Blood tests and try to find out why my Platelets,Haemo and neautra`s are playing up (including other things liver kidneys etc)I use Astragalus and Wheat grass as supplements to help the immune system as well as a change in diet (fresh fruit...vegies...all the good stuff...will send some recipes soon. The supplement (ANY) should be approved by Oncologist Pharmacist first, We hound ours everytime we are there with questions. (I think some times he sees us coming and hides or goes to lunch deliberately!!! so then I phone him...hahaha) My Gem/carbo was getting delayed by up to 2 weeks and was reduced to 80% when we made the decision to go to Alimpta.It has been a LOT better but comes with its own set of side-effect rules. I include a couple of links that you may find interesting about Alimpta and other drugs and will be sending info on diet etc if you want... Hope all continues to go well for you and your family...please dont hesitate to contact us if we can be of help...if You want you can "add us as a friend" and that way we can just email you with the links etc.. Greg & De NOTE; some of these (dietary) are just an indication, or guide lines.Always check with Pharmacist. We also have hand written dietary notes my Daughter has found out about (she does a lot of research into them) and i can scan (or re-type) them for you if you want.
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Re: Dad's chemo is working, but Oncologist wants to stop ...

Hi Greg Wow, how interesting that you and my Dad are so similiar in your blood problems (only dad hasn't been given transfusions, only delays in treatment). I found your information very interesting. I have been doing plenty of research on supplements and I am open to any info that people want to send me eg recipes, info on supplements etc. I will read anything and everything if it means helping Dad. A friend just told me on Friday that her husband (who is fighting lung cancer that has spread to his bones) was told to drink Sunraysia's Heart Beet Beetroot and Apple Juice as it has many benefits for anaemia and also is known to prevent chemo from damaging healthy cells. It also lowers blood pressure so I am a bit concerned about that as Dad already has low blood pressure. Thanks for the links, I haven't had time to look at them yet as I am about to go and visit Dad right now, but I will definitely get to them asap. I really appreciate your interest and help. I will "add you as a friend" and would appreciate the dietary info you daughter has researched. ONLY if it's not too much trouble - I feel lazy expecting you to send it to me, I should be doing my own research. I hope all keeps going well for you. Go the Steroids!!! Thanks again Greg! Take care Raelene
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