Experience with Folfox

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Experience with Folfox

My husband will be starting 6 months of treatmet of folfox in a few weeks. Things we have read are very frightening and concerning. The oncologist has told us that most all of her patients do well with it and most work a regular full time job so we are relly worried. Neuropathy is our biggest concern as my husband already has had nerve issues in the past due to an auto immune thing he had years ago. The oncologist said that she would watch it very carefully. He is going to go in before chemo and have a nerve conduction test to get his baseline and after each treatment they will talk about any effects he may be having and she may either have to alter the dose and if it continues may have to stop altogether. 

Just curious how others have done on this. thanks

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Re: Experience with Folfox


I underwent 6 months of FOLFOX about 6 months ago. I didn't have much neuropathy until the last few cycles. The important thing here (and it sounds like you have this covered already) is to communicate with your oncologist/doctor and discuss with them any symptoms you are having and how you are feeling.

There are options they have that they can take to respond to the symptoms.

FOLFOX treatment is made up 3 drugs. Oxaliplatin which is the one which can cause neuropathy.

Oxaliplatin was removed from my last cycle due to neuropathy, and the rest of the drugs were administered.


I had various other symptoms, but they can be managed by staying in close contact with your oncologist.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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