Genetic testing information

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Genetic testing information

I am wanting to know more about genetic testing. If anyone can explain how it works or provide some links with some information please.

My maternal grandfather passed away in his 50s from bowel cancer, my paternal grandfather passed away from both prostate and brain cancer and my paternal grandmother passed away from breast cancer. My father is currently undergoing treatment for prostate cancer and one of his brothers has had it in the past. From this information am I eligible for genetic testing? Thanks in advance 

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Re: Genetic testing information

Hi AS94,

Sorry, I have only just seen this message.

What you probably have in mind is Lynch syndrome.


Truthfully, the is much better than the website for lynch syndrome information.

Lynch syndrome is an inherited genetic mutation which increases your chances of developing certain cancers (originally bowel cancer, but now includes many others - which includes some of the cancers you mentioned).


On the link I gave above there is lots of information on lynch syndrome.

If you are identified as being at risk of having lynch syndrome, you will need to see a genetic counselor (everyone should see one before having genetic testing). _IF_ you then choose to (there are very real reasons you might choose not to have genetic testing) and the results come back positive, you will then undertake scans on a regular basis.


The first step is to go and see your GP and express your concerns about your family history of cancer.

Looking through the lynch syndrome website above, there is lots of great information.

It provides a great place for you to start.


I'd also just like to emphasis, that just because you match symptoms, doesn't mean you have a genetic condition.


Good luck.


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Re: Genetic testing information

Hi @AS94,


You may also like to check out this podcast on genetic testing and cancer, produced by Cancer Council.




Re: Genetic testing information

Thanks for the informative post. This is helpful. I did not of this lynch syndrome until I came across your post. thanks
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