Haven't been diagnosed but need reassurance

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Haven't been diagnosed but need reassurance

I have had a lump on my right breast under my nipple deep in the tissue for a few months it is about the size of a lemon sherbet lollie today i was feeling around it and its hard and round wont move i also noticed a dint on my breast where the lump is i went to the doctor and he told me he is worried and wants me to have an ultra sound done which is booked for tomorrow morning naturally im a bag full of nerves im scared and have a million things going threw my mind yes there could be a chance this lump is not cancerous but its still got me worried i just want to hear others experience if they have or are going threw a simular situation and what the outcome was 

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Re: Haven't been diagnosed but need reassurance

Hello and welcome to the community @Samanthac,


It's only natural to be scared but you've done the right thing by going straight to your doctor.


Let us know how the scan goes!


There's lots of support here, whatever the result ends up being Heart



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Re: Haven't been diagnosed but need reassurance

The ultra sound went well they said the lump under my nipple could be a blocked duct or infection but they also found a black dot the size of a ten cent piece underneath my right arm just near the breast when i asked what that was she said im better to discuss my results with my doctor so now the waiting game begins hopefully it's nothing major but still worried 

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