Polyp information please


Polyp information please

Hi I'm not sure where to post this but I'll try here. On Friday I had a colonoscopy 4 years after my last one which was normal. This time the notes said I had some polyps removed but that was it. The surgeon didn't speak to me and I was told to book in to see my GP in two weeks. 


Can anyone tell me if I need to be worried? All it said was polyps removed. 


Any information would be great thanks.



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Re: Polyp information please

Hi Jamiet,


Just because you had polyps removed doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad.   Usually, while a colonoscopy is happening any polyps they come across will be removed in the normal course of events.  I’m not sure if they then get sent away for testing or not, I assume they do.  Then the results would be sent to your GP.  That’s the reason they would have told you to make an appointment with your GP for 2 weeks time.  Hopefully you will have nothing to worry about.   Take care. 



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