Immune system cervical cancer survivor

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Immune system cervical cancer survivor

Hi All, this is my first time posting and I am hoping someone can help me to understand the long term impact on cervical cancer survivors. A family member survived cervical cancer after being diagnosed and treated a few years ago. She has had a number of treatments in recent years to keep it under control - but to be totally honest none of us really understand it that well - what the recent treatments were for, what this means, is the cancer back, etc. And I guess because none of us really understand it, we don't know what to think when she tells us she doesbt want to be around the grandkids when they are sick incase she picks up something ... does this mean her cancer is back? Does this mean she is having treatment but just not wanting to tell us how bad it actually is? When asked, she just says she needs to be careful as her immune system is very weak. She is still going out and about shopping and doing normal things, not copped up indoors, which is really good, but we are not sure if this is just to keep up appearances, we are not sure how much she is hiding from us and it's making us really worried. She does look good, has not lost her hair and still seems to have lots of energy ... it's so confusing ... really want to work out what is going on.., any advice is greatly appreciated!

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Re: Immune system cervical cancer survivor

Hi @PoppyLouise and welcome to the Online Community!


Sorry to hear about your family member, that must be incredibly confusing for you.


You might find our information on what happens with regards to cervical cancer, after treatment, useful. And here's a little bit of info around reoccurance that also may be of use.


Could you possibly tell her you are concerned about her and ask her gently about her health? Is it affecting the grandkids?


Has anyone else been in this kind of situation and can offer some insigt to PoppyLouise?

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