Lung cancer and a brain metastases

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Lung cancer and a brain metastases

My Brother was hospitalised with pneumonia a few weeks ago and during a routine scan they found a mass in his lung. At the the mass could not be seen clearly due to the amount of inflammation, fluid and gunk from the infection. Released on antibiotics and a follow up bronchoscopy which he didn’t get to because he had a seizure which landed him back in hospital. Another scan revealed a brain tumour.


Here is where everything gets scary and down right confusing. My anxiety is at a level that is hard to control.


We we are being told something about small cells and large cells. What is in the lung will be in the brain tumour. Small cells mean there is treatments and large cells mean he will have one hell of a fight on his hands. I read otherwise and see that small cells are potentially more lethal.


Bronchoscopy is today to see if cells can be located via the throat before going straight to puncturing the lungs to get the biopsy. Then a pet scan to ensure tumours aren’t in any other organs.


What are are we dealing with here? Is there any chance this is curable? Whether it be small or non small? Are we going to be told he has a certain amount of time left with us?

I am so frightened.

Thabks in advance for any replies.  

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Re: Lung cancer and a brain metastases

Hi Kady,


I'm sorry to hear about the situation for your brother. It sounds like you are being very supportive of him during this confusing time.


I'm not sure what information you have had access to since his diagnosis, but if you haven't seen this information on lung cancer diagnosis and treatment, it might be helpful for you and your family. You can also download the publications Understanding Lung Cancer, Caring for Someone with Cancer, and if your brother has treatment, this link on cancer treatment might provide some helpful information.


Please do call Cancer Council Information and Support line on 131120 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) with any questions you might have and to find out what support options are there for you and your brother. 


Take care,


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Re: Lung cancer and a brain metastases

Hi Mary, 

thank you very much for your reply. 


Bronchoscopy was a success where cells were retrieved. 


Since I posted, neurologists have removed all but a few cells from the brain which they hope to banish with radiation. The cells that were removed appear to be bowel cancer cells (which my BIL was diagnosed with and recovered from 6 years ago). 


The lung tumour apparently can not be resected as it has wrapped around or grown in the wind pipes and will ultimately take his life. We find out in 5 days what treatment my BIL will be receiving. 


Every time we have any positive outlook, someone tells us how awful lung cancer death is. Rips me in two. 


Thanks for listening and thanks for the links. 



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