My mom was just diagnosed with Breast cancer

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My mom was just diagnosed with Breast cancer

Hi All. well i never thought id ever be in the position of joining this group but at 33 here I am. My mother was diagnosed on Thursday with Breast Cancer in the breast and lymph nodes. We do not know if it has spread yet and wont till more tests are done. we find out Monday. I am still in shock, still feel absolutely sick and trying to get my head around the words mom has cancer.I am new to this journey and am already feeling it, terrified of whats to come. I joined this forum and will join a support group as i know i am going to struggle more than the rest of the family seem to be. Although i am sure they are as shocked and sick as i feel. I thought id say hello and hopefully connect with others. i can only imagine (though i try not too) what lies ahead. However i am trying desperately to not let the fear get to me and be strong for my mom. I am sorry to you all that anyone gores through this journey and will be interested with others reading this story. I am particularly interested on how people coped with the original diagnosis and any thoughts on preparation for whats to happen, financially and practically. Like i say i am new (not even a week) into this journey. Hope you are all well. kind regards.
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Re: My mom was just diagnosed with Breast cancer

Hi there, Sorry to hear about the news with your mum. My name is John and about a month ago - my Dad was diagnosed with an aggressive Prostate Cancer that looks to have spread to his bones. It was a funny old time come to think of it - my Dad was hobbling around with saw legs, then a sore bum cheek bone... then sore this, sore that... He went to the doctors and test after test couldnt really find anything... so we didn't really worry to much. He's 62 so we thought it was old age, perhaps nerve issues... and so on. Anyway... finally, after some time, I remember getting the phone call (txt msg actually...) "You're dad's in the hospital, found some swollen lymph nodes"... and really, from their my heart sunk. Its been a ride, really only a month - of tests, scans and the whole works. It pains me to share with you - that for my dad, the doctors have told him that he might have 12 months to 5 years... depending if everything works in his favor. But you know what... he might not even have that. In fact, none of us might have that. After learning about my Dad, I've really tried to think and respect life a literally differently. Sure, we get up, go to work, stuck in traffic, answer emails, play with the kids - cook tea, clean the dishes... sure, it can sometimes fell a bit same old, same old. But life isn't really about that - because one minute our lives were normal, the next minute we were faced with Cancer that will take the life of my Dad. He is your typical Dad and a huge part of our lives. My life, my sisters, my mums... and his grandchildren. I'll admit - I have moments where I feel really glum. But I'm also not afraid to admit that I have moments where I'm almost at terms with it. Sure - I've cried, been angry, dissapointed, panicky... but please know that we all have different emotions and when they come, we need to let them out not bottle them. Right now - you're gob smacked your mum has cancer. But if you focus on the positives and focus on each and every day... your mind will somehow come to terms with whats going on. I won't lie... No one will ever give you peace of mind. When we get these serious diagnosis - our brains frantically try and flick the switch to make everything fine again... but the truth is, you can't always find that peace. So you need to work with it... focus on the good things and be positive. Remember that life is a journey that for all of us, has an end point. Being scared about the unknown is perfectly normal... but don't forget, we ALL take this journey. I hope everything works out for your mum and please know that many of us here are here to help and listen. Regards
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