Prostate Cancer - Quick Question???


Prostate Cancer - Quick Question???

Hi Guys, Hope we're all doing well and living each day the best we can. For those that recognize my username - or have read some of my previous posts - my father is dealing with an aggressive form of Prostate Cancer. I promised myself I wouldn't get involved with the "doctor" side of things - as I'm not A) A doctor and B) in the room with my dad when he is getting results etc Anyway - So i'm just looking for some feedback. My dad was originally given, I believe, a tablet that shrinks the prostate. Forgive my ignorance and simplistic terms - but I believe he was taking one or two tablets per day that would do this. It has relieved him of a fair bit of pain which was good. His surgeon however informed him he could take an injection, in the stomach, which delivers the same results but means - no taking the tablet each day. As he is taking lots of this and that... he liked the idea of taking less tablets, so he went for the injection. So his Surgeon prescribed him the tablets and suggested this, but his Oncologist suggested the injection. When he asked his Surgeon, the surgeon said yep - there is no difference, I just didn't think to offer the injection and thought the tablets would suffice. So I'm sure its comparing apples and apples... but in my mind, as silly as it sounds... I would think taking tablets each day would be more effective, as its kind of addressing/medicating him daily. Where as with the injection - well, his body could medicate itself quickly and actually go through the injection medicine quicker? Does any of that make sense? In other words - tablets are taken daily, he can control the effects/dosage... where as injection, well, he only does it every three months I believe? If anyone has feedback I'd appreciate it. The doctors seem to say its the same thing??? John
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