Stage 4 NSCLC with mets to the bones

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Stage 4 NSCLC with mets to the bones

hello everyone. My dad was recently diagnosed with stage 4 NSCLC. He showed symptoms of cough just 2months back and now suddenly the doctors are saying the survival period is just 12 months to 18 months. My dad never smoked a cigarette in his life. He was never admitted to a hospital before this as he was healthy and fit person. This sudden diagnosis has come as a shock to our family. I have cried everyday since his diagnosis and so has my mom.

His EGFR mutation test came to be negative. My onco explained me that if EGFR would have come positive, his survival period would have been the best (around 3yrs). My onco also explained to me that surgery or radiation would not  work in his case.He is currently being tested for ALK and ROS1 mutations. Also he said if ALK and ROS1 come negative, it would be the worst in terms of  survival period. 

His general health is not bad as he can do his daily activities without help. 

I have become so cynical and negative given my dads diagnosis. The doctors thought initially it was TB which I thought was bad. Then he was treated for asthma and allergy. Then it was suspected that it was IPF, which I thought was the worst thing to happen to my dad and prayed to god that it shouldn’t be IPF. But I never knew god had plans for my dad and it was going to be the worst thing possible- lung cancer. I cry everyday and ask god why?! A non smoker and a fit person all his life, never hospitalised. Why such a thing to him? I pray to god everyday to show something positive amongst all this. 

Haven’t still come to terms with what has happened and finding it difficult to accept what the doctors are saying. Just looking for support from people who have gone through this. Any more suggestions on new therapies that have worked for people. 

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Re: Stage 4 NSCLC with mets to the bones

Hi @shek409,


How are yourself and your Dad doing?


I can see that you've gotten some support via the Macmillan forums, which is fantastic.


These resources are Australian but they may be of help to you:

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