Treatment advice for melanoma

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Treatment advice for melanoma


I’m 56 and my mum who is 77 has melanoma which has metastasised into her limbs and her brain. This is the second round for her with the first treated through immunotherapy which seemed to work.

My issue is with her care. She has extreme fatigue and weight loss for which we have had no satisfactory answers. She has been treated in three separate hospitals and they keep saying:

  1. it’s the treatment – she had the fatigue months before the treatment started
  2. It’s a virus – they have tested  and there is none
  3. it’s the steroids – she has been on them for 2+ years without this effect.

Frankly they don’t know, and we are at whits end.

Any advice?

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Re: Treatment advice for melanoma

Hi @Kent,


I sent you an email yesterday with some details about our telephone support groups for melanoma and carers.


Have you spoken with the Melanoma Institute at all? They are the leaders in immunotherapy for melanoma in Australia and have a lot of resources as well.


This podcast on Managing Cancer fatigue may also be of interest. Have you looked into complementary therapies at all for your Mum?

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