Fuck Cancer

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Fuck Cancer

Fuck cancer Fuck cancer Fuck cancer


a week ago they said dad was cancer free, 

we celebrated for a life we’d be able to live,

I cheered as I thought he’d be able to see my baby grow up and get married, and now it’s gone.

He won’t live to see his grandkids grown up. 
He won’t be able to see his young daughters become adults. I’m so scared for my dad. He taught me everything. I can’t accept this and it’s eating me up. 

today they said its going to worsen, they took half his lung out and removed the cancer a month ago. 
Today they said it will spread and he will not live past 50. I just lost my Papa, I can’t lose my dad too. 

two important men in my life. im scared. im not only scared for him im scared for my mother. 😢

he is her entire world. i can’t see her being fine without him. 

i dont wanna accept this. I’m trying to hold myself together for my daughter but I’m crumbling and I have nobody

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