Growing Old

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Growing Old

Growing old is the pits,
You get greying hair and sagging tits.
It hurts to move or when lying still,
Your list of jobs makes you Ill.
Where's the toilet, I need to pee?
Five times per night, is not good for me!
The lines on your face, deepen their groove,
I'm not functioning yet, it hurts to move.
Laughter lines? I don't think so,
Where's the toilet, I need to go?
I can't open jars, my hands are weak,
My energy is draining as we speak.
Climbing a chair, easier said than done,
I have no spark, no sense of fun!
By 7 o'clock we're all done in,
It's off to bed for some light readin(g).
Can't sleep, mind won't let me rest,
I get up in the morning, not feeling my best.
I toss, I turn, I hurt, I pee,
Goodness, what is happening to me?
When I want to wear pull ups, what can I say?
Getting out of bed, is there an easier way?
Hurts to stand, hurts to walk,
Hurts to lie here, doesn't hurt to talk.
Your skin is fragile it marks and tears,
Something I now hate, bleedin(g) stairs.
Will it get better, who bloody knows?
I can't even bend to wash my toes.
Getting bigger, putting on weight,
Prednisone has sealed my fate.
Where's my pain meds, Where's my pills?
Is it time to update our wills?
Where did my youth go, it has come and went,
It's 9am and I'm totally spent.
Where are my glasses, I cannot see?
Oops, hang on a minute, I need to pee.
What's that you say, it wasn't that clear,
To top it all off, I can't bloody hear!


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