Here by the grace of god

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Here by the grace of god

I'm pining for the life I had,
My aches and pains make me sad.
I've lost so much, my healths not great,
I have a new normal to add to my slate.
12 months have passed oh so quick,
The 15th of Jan will always stick.
I have flash backs of that God awful day,
I nearly died, I nearly went away.
3 ambulances caused a bit of a stir,
5 hours to stabilise me, I'm thankful of her. (Dr Bethel)
A Medstar flight to the RAH,
Poor John had to travel alone by car.
I spent a week in intensive care,
John by my side, was always there.
I was in a bad way, I couldn't walk,
But they sure were glad when I started to talk.
Another 3 weeks before I was transferred back,
A further week in hospital, then I was back on track.
Finally home, finally free,
Family come to visit, to babysit me.
I came close to knocking on heaven's door,
But thankfully for me I was needed here more.

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