I yam what I yam

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I yam what I yam

I yam what I yam,
That's all I can be.
I'm sick of this illness,
That keeps plaguing me.
My scars I liken to pages in a book,
Each a reminder of another breath I took.
Clexane is evil, sinister and sick,
I detested each and every painful prick.
My lungs are shit, my thyroid has died,
Kidneys aren't great, my fitness is fried.
Steroids have been the bain of my life,
For everything they fixed, they caused more strife.
My who body aches, from my head to my toes,
Will I ever be healthy? Who bloody knows!?
A decent night's sleep, with no aches and pain,
Is something I wish will happen again.
I went on this trial to live longer each day,
But instead of achieving that, it nearly took my life away.
I'm the sunscreen Nazi and you must wear a hat,
If I see you without, then we're in need of a chat!
Life can be cruel and it nearly beat me,
I wouldn't have made it this far, without friends and family.

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