My love for you

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My love for you

How can you tell I love you?

I kiss you when you are sleeping
I tickle your back to help you sleep
I like to touch you when you sleep
I check to see if you are breathing during the night
I hold your hand when we're out walking together
I rest my hand on your leg when you are driving
I sit with you for long hours in hospital
I don't want you bored for endless hours sitting waiting for me in hospital
I worry about you
I nag you about your health because I care
I cut your hair, trim your beard
I like to snuggle and I like you spooning me
I go into boring shops with you, including shopping
I sit with you whilst you watch countless hours of American Pickers
I check on you when you're late home
I worry you work too hard
I worry when you don't sleep well
I don't want to lose you

I love hearing you laugh

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