I think I'm dying ...

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Re: I think I'm dying ...

Just to give you update .... my throat is killing me ....

I started to spit a lot of blood in my mouth lately.

I can't do stomach exercise to lower my stomach since I'm from surgery.

I have a lot of heartburns and chestpain couse of stomach hiatal hernia. -.-

My polyps still keep on multiplying.

I can't go to stomach hiatal hernia surgery, .....

I need to get to colonoscopy as soon as posible, I haven't been on one since last autumn.

I need to go also on "sound scan" for 2nd hernia.

I still have peeing problem ....

I tried so hard. 😞 I really really tried sooo freakin hard. 😞


Re: I think I'm dying ...

Buck up right now mr.

This is a cross you will just have to bear.

I'll give you that you have complications that I can't imagine.

1)  You are going to be pissing fire.

2)  I think you are actually over the worst of it.

You are not still taking chemo are you?  Sometimes chemo will cause cancers

to bite back so hard that you have to go off them and try to let your own system

battle them for a while.


You have less tumors than before right?

less tumor mass is less tumor mass.


Just dont die.  I won't tell you you don't have a chance

of dying but with your type of case people die from complications

more than due to the cancer.


I think I may have tumors in the peptic, medial and duadanum

of my colon.  Myself, I'm not doing anything my ultrasound

shows 'fatty-scar' tissue in the liver.  I can't imagine my life in 10

years.  I'm thinking about the liver transplant so I can be strong

for the next time I get sick.


Don't die.  If you die I am not going to your funeral and we are going

to leave you by the side of the road.


You are probably not going to die from this but you are going to suffer.


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Re: I think I'm dying ...

I don't have cancer, I never had it - I was on my way to get it, .... but I have hole in a stomach since last gastoscopy ... And now stomach acid is destroying and eating my throat. Cause my stomach kinda protection is not closing my stomach , so acid is destroying my throat. -.- I have throat pain most time in week ... doctor said that if I spit blood few times, it okey .... but I have spit a lot of blood in last past days .....

I can't go to surgery for that shit, since it's poinless, couse I would need to go on gastroscopy like 2 months after surgery, so there is no point of having it. -.- Yeah, I was in "lucky" 13% of FAP people , who have polyps both in tissue behind stomach, and in colon ... So I have to take both colonoscopy and gastoscopy. -.- I have big hole in stomach, where the top cover was supposed to close stomach, but now that cover was destroyed during last gastroscopy, and acid is slowly eating tissue in my mouth and throat. -.-


F**k you FAP.

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Re: I think I'm dying ...

And yeah, I tried medicine for having lower acid level in stomach ... I have diarrhea after just 2 days, and I have diarrhea with any medicine which I tried. -.- And I don't have money to buy alternative natural medicine like some tea's and stuff like that , some grass and plants medication .... -.-


I can't lower my stomach with body exercise, since I'm from surgery. -.- I can't go to stomach surgery 'cause there is no point of having it. -.-


I'm 95% sure that I have 2nd hernia in rectum, so I would need to go to that surgery again, and I can't do it too soon, cause I'm just from 1st rectum hernia surgery, and I need to rest for next 2 months. -.-


And I need to pray, not to get cancer in next few months. -.-


Life s.....

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Re: I think I'm dying ...

Morning @SimpleAstronaut,


Have you talked to your GP or the hospital/doctors where you had surgery about what you're going through? Side effects, are unfortunately, often part of someone's recovery from surgery/treatment of any sort (not just cancer) but they should never be ignored. It's important to manage them.

And do not be afraid to seek a second or third opinion if you do not get the assistance you need.


Do you have access to counselling where you are? Have a chat with your doctor or even the hospital where you have been going through, they may have one available or know the best options in your local area.


If you are in distress, please consider contacting 01/4833-888 and having a chat with someone. For anyone in Australia that is in distress, this would be Lifeline on 13 11 14  or Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636.


You may also like to have a look at these resources, they are relevant even if you don't have cancer:


Cancer Council Online Community Manager

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Re: I think I'm dying ...

Well, surgent who did perform my colon hernia surgery doesn't care about my FAP. He just put plastic in my rectum hole, and I talk to him for about 3 pure minutes in 2 months. XD


Gastroenteorologyst has about same principle, I said it went fine, that I don't feel pain ... and I was out of his office after less then 2 minutes. -.-


Then 3 months later, I wanted to check release papers, and I got diagnosys "hiatal hernia" (which is hernia on stomach cover) .... They didn't tell me that day after gastroscopy, my family general doctor didn't tell me that when he saw release papers ....


.. Everything was fine in next 3 months after last gastroscopy, and then every day throath pain, every day stomach acid problems and stuff.


Now things which I can do is:

1. Go to total colectomy ... but my body won't make it. I'm 95% sure that I will die on the table. It's fu**in super hard surgery, and I won't make it, my body won't make it. My body is already beyond f**kable so I won't make it. I will die on that table.

2. Go to stomach cover surgery, which is also a hard surgery ... and never go to gastroscopy again.


I just don't have strenght anymore ... I just can't do it anymore .....


The way I see it;

I will die in two ways:

1. acid will eat my mouth fully.

2. I will get colon cancer.


I'm in the endgame now. -.-


I just don't want to die on that table, I just can't do it, and I don't want to. -.- 😞

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Re: I think I'm dying ...

dont die fight it for years you are too young to die

it may seem depressing ALOT but you can expect to be here

this year and next sir

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Re: I think I'm dying ...

I tell you riddled with tumors all benign - you sir have the worse case of it on record or in recent memory Its 100% as agressive as cancer
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Re: I think I'm dying ...

Officially .... My body is slowly going to 5hit. -.- And there is nothing I can do about it. -.- My body started to feel really strange. -.-


I did operate one above leg hernia, I need to wait for sound scan for other leg hernia.

My hiatal hernia started to hurt as hell. And if I operate that, I can't go to gastroscopy for the rest of my life, and I will get cancer tiny below stomach. And if I don't operate that, I will die of esophagus cancer.

My blood picture is f***ed up like big one. My thrombocytes are extremely low. My kalium is also f***ed up a lot, so I have a lot of peing problem, and if we add leg hernia to that ... I'm usually on toilette about 45 minutes at least. -.-

And if I got to any surgery, I wouldn't make it, my body is f***ed up hugely.

I usually get throat infection also, cause of hiatal hernia acid and stuff like that .....


Life sucks.

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