Preparing for dying with dignity

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Preparing for dying with dignity

Hello everyone I joined today

Good to be comfortable and pain free today to do some stuff like join Cancer Council and research more

Looking forward to November 28 when we in NSW can finally get the choice to assist our own dying. Hats off to the team who made it all possible.

I am facing my journey alone without significant others so if there's s any of you going it alone I'm always here to vent with and reach out on a bad day

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Re: Preparing for dying with dignity

Hello Jude11,

So good to hear you are pain free today, and full of cheer,  I am also looking at end of life. Like you on a good day I always find something good to do, that puts a smile on our dial.. you mentioned on the 28th November we can have the  choice to assist our own  dying, I am curious where or how did you find this out, if you do not mind me asking.

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Re: Preparing for dying with dignity

Hello lovely lady sorry I didnt get back  to you in hospital and then shut myself down and didnt look  at this site for weeks. Only just logged in again tonight. I hope you are still alive which would be a ridiculous thing to say to someone except on a site like this.

On november 28 it will be legal in the sate of NSW to be assessed for strict criteria to obtain a drug from a doctor qualified in VAD (voluntary assisted dying) to end your life. It is legal in other states but NSW must be less progressive and people  with aggressive inoperable disease will be able to die with  dignity at the time of their choosing

Website(dying with dignity NSW) a charity based organisation in sydney who have campaigned to parliament for years to bring in VAD in NSW. director is Shayne Higson

I also find it difficult to trust sharing my own cancer journey as Im in a prolife highly Conservative rural area where any mention of  dying with dignity and the law change in 6 weeks sees the cancer patient being scrutinised bullied and accused of not being of sound mind   I've  had my mind  soundness examined 3 times since diagnosis and being a retired ICU nurse with nearly 50 years of practise behind me I reached the conclusion that I understand too much about the  disease process and my thinking is too rational so I'm seen as a difficult patient

Once again sorry didnt see your post happy to continue story sharing and will check the site regularly

Jude 11 

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