How to deal with the anger in grief

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How to deal with the anger in grief

I lost my 36 year old son to Melanoma B-raf gene mutation 8 weeks ago ...i want to connect to other Mums  ..It was a terrible journey to watch my beautiful son suffer so much...He was a healthy man who jogged daily..never smoked.only drank socially, loved his job, his dog , his life...Im now dealing with the "WHY" and if another person says to me "It will get better with time"..I will scream at them. ..The anger and the tears are unrelenting...🙄


Re: How to deal with the anger in grief

Hi Nina, sorry for your loss. I get your pain as I too worry my turn will come soon when my Husband pass. I cry daily worrying abt the after. Nina I am sending hugs to you. 

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