My Dad passed away before I graduated law school

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My Dad passed away before I graduated law school

Hi everyone.


My dad passed away on December 23, 2018. An agressive form of myeloma took his life at the age of 57. It only took the cancer 6 months.


I was entering my final year of law school when I learned that my dad had cancer. During the months that he was ill, I continued attending classes, working, and interning. I took no time off. I just kept thinking "he's going to make it to my graduation, I just have to get there." He passed a few days after I had finished the first semester. 


So here I am. I have a few weeks left of school and what is supposed to be an exciting time of my life is now somewhat heart-wrenching. My dad is the reason I have come this far, and so it breaks my heart that he won't be there to experience this accomplishement with me.

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Re: My Dad passed away before I graduated law school

But from what you told us, he is there in some form?? He is in the very aspect and foundation of your dedication and motivation for your education/future. Your achievements and goals are an tribute to him. He is there.

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