Recently bereaved

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Recently bereaved

Hi, my husband of 12 years has recently passed away. He had been battling cancer for almost one year. We have a 9 year old son. I am going ok mostly but I am struggling somewhat. I feel like am all alone. I have no family where I live. I do have inlaws but its not the same. I do have good friends. But still overwhelming at times. My son has also recently been assessed as having autism spectrum disorder. My plate is very full. 

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Re: Recently bereaved

Hi Erica, I'm glad you've found this site.  As much as family and friends show love and support, it is only people who have been in the situation that trully understand.  Feel free to vent and ask questions whenever you need to.  The Cancer Council may also be able to link you in with some practical support- you may feel it's worth checking out.

If you are interested  there is also a facebook page specifially for wives of husband's with cancer.  Quite a few women on there have lost their husbands in the last couple of weeks, and a lot of them are also mothers.  Search for 'Caring for husbands with cancer'.   They are very supportive, but, as it is a worldwide facebook group, they can't offer practical assistance or relevant information about services.

I'm hoping you don't feel so alone now, and am sending you a big hug!  love Emily



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Re: Recently bereaved

hi, I'm sorry for your loss, I lost my partner of almost 20 years four days ago to brain cancer. I guess after reading your post I would say do what's best for you, it's your time to take care of yourself. If you can move closer to your family and they will be a good support then you should. My nephew has Aspurger syndrome, and my sister definitely needs us, her family since she is a single parent. Remember, this is your time to heal.

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