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Re: Adenocarcinoma



I hope you had/ having a great day. 

By the way what day and time is it there. 

Here in California its Thursday 6:46 pm. Close to bedtime for me. Im usually up by 2am for work. 

I only mentioned i would consider doing a trial to my aunt and sister in law. They both didn't understand why I would. So I have decided not to tell anyone if I do end up in one

My wife is unfortunately having a hard time trying to stay positive.  I love her to death but she very emotional and cries easily .

No around me understands why I'm not freaking out.  I been accused of hiding my fear or I'm in denial. 

The only way I can explain it is I don't have cancer on my brain so why should I let it take control of my brain. 

Maybe you could lie about how bad your cancer is to get your 2 daughters to finally get married 😁. Play the I want to be a grandma before I die card🙈

I had plans to use having cancer to get my way for atlases 6 months😁 but I'm feeling like I may not get the chance to.  I really believe I'm going to be told I'm cancer free next week. I'm mentally prepared to be wrong.

Stay Positive...

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Re: Adenocarcinoma

Sorry….. I’m a bit late!! P😲 Right now in Victoria, Australia, it is Saturday, 16/10/21 5.51pm…

Hoping you and your Family are coping well…. Our Spring Racing Carnival, leading up to Melbourne Cup, is in full swing!! Thank Goodness!! We love watching Racing, so we are forgetting all about this Cancer stuff… I have actually been picking positive names of horses, with just a little flutter o $1 each way.. so far we doing good!!  I am Catholic by upbringing, as is Husband, but now we look at the universe, a great overseeing being, instead of giving the power a name….All religions are basically the same, glorifying our Creator… It’s just ‘Mans’ interpretation that puts people off. But there is a Force of Light and Dark…. We just have to follow the Light.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Good Luck for this week…

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Re: Adenocarcinoma



I just reread your comments about where you have lymphoma.  I asked about it in another post. Sorry about that. 

My Inlaws used to own race horses. They were just money pits. But they had the money to spend and really enjoyed them. 

Glad to hear that you are enjoying the races and are making a little money 💰

I'm a home body.  I really hate being more than a few hours away from home 🙈

My wife loves to travel and see new places. 

She travels with her family and friends while I stay home and take care of our dogs and mixed flock of chickens and ducks ❤.

The only place I would consider traveling to is Australia just to spend time in the Outback. I have always wanted to go there even as a kid. 

But I learned after going on a cruise with my wife traveling stressed me out to much to really enjoy it. I believe it's because I don't like being in a large group. One reason I don't go to a large church or movie theater...

Have a great day. 

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