Also just diagnosed

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Also just diagnosed

Hi, I've been diagnosed with incurable bowel & liver cancer. Have been told I have months left if I didn't start treatment. I started chemo & immunotherapy in December. I am 38 a mum of two kids, 12 &13. Not sure what to do, so thought I would join this forum 

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Re: Also just diagnosed

Hi @Ness1983,


Welcome to the CCOC! This is a wonderful site to ask questions and get a load off your shoulders. 

As far as your question about what to do, I say “carpe diem” (seize the day). That is, try to pull your mood and thoughts up above the devastation that this condition is imposing on you. 
Choose to be strong and even invincible - as much for your children as for yourself. For guidance, do a web search for the FISH! Philosophy.

However, do allow yourself some time to let your emotions out. But do this as an exorcism rather than pitying yourself. Let it out under your control and then get back in the saddle and get on with being the immortal that you can be. 
Treatments are getting more effective every day, so the chances are improving that you will survive a lot longer than otherwise expected. It is much better to face this extra time standing strong than huddled in a ball in the corner of your bedroom. 

If anything in your treatment causes you significant concern, speak up and be heard.It  Remember that it is your life and your body. Don’t be a passenger in your journey - be a co-driver and be accountable to yourself as much as you demand that the medical staff be accountable to you. 

The consequences of giving up are far more reaching than you might think. 

Best wishes for your treatment.Big hugs and keep us posted on your progress. 


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Re: Also just diagnosed

Hi Ness1983, so sorry about your diagnosis. It seems like you’ve had treatment for about 4 months if you started in December. How are you going with the chemo? I hope and pray that you are surrounded by lots of love and support. It’s ok to be real about how you are feeling. Here is a safe place where we all understand 💕💕. Linda G 

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Re: Also just diagnosed

Hi @Ness1983 ,


I understand some of what you are feeling. I am a 47 year old mum of 3 daughters, twins aged 15 and a 12 year old. I was diagnosed with a malignant tumour in my liver back in February. I had major liver resection surgery 7 weeks ago today and my surgeon took 65% of my liver (it grows back which is pretty cool). I completely underestimated the scale of the surgery and am only now starting to feel a little bit normal...I started chemo 2 weeks ago and need to do treatment of chemo and radiation for the next 7 months. It has definitely been an emotional roller coaster ride, but staying positive will be detrimental to getting through the next 7 months. I think it is important to let yourself feel the feels and to cry, but you need to pull yourself back into that positive headspace, you really need to dig deep and just take it day by day...I am new to do this forum too, I feel I have lots of support from family and friends but really wanted to reach out and hear what other people are feeling and going through when told they have cancer... 


Jackie x

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