Bowel /liver


Bowel /liver

Background I had very early bowel cancer had it cut out iloestomy for a while due to covid.Had it reversed no more treatments, then my gladbadder played up and the found a spot on my liver.I am confused and devastated if they caught it early is it from that or something different.My surgeon is having a meeting about my case today with hospital the waiting game is frustrating hopefully I get some more answers soon 

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Re: Bowel /liver

Hi Coz1,

I'm sorry to hear about your cancer. How awful for you, especially after battling this once before already. I really am very sorry to hear this.

All the treatment we receive carries a risk. Surgery, chemo, all of it carries some risk. 


The bowel cancer and the liver cancer might be related, but then again they might not.  No-one could draw any conclusions here without knowing all the facts, and even then...

There may be other risk factors for you that mean you are predisposed to cancer in that area.


Good luck with the surgeon! Please let know how you go and what he says.



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