Breast cancer or sclerosing Adenosis

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Breast cancer or sclerosing Adenosis

Hi there, so im 28 female with strong family history of breast cancer. Done ultrasound,MRI and both came with BI RADS 5 specially the MRI. Done core biopsy and it came back as sclerosing Adenosis but the doctors still wanna do excision biopsy to make sure it is benign. Symptoms are: hard lump that doesnt move with nipple discharge that is mostly white or clear. The two doctors when the saw rhe ultrasound and did their physical exam said its %100 cancer. Now they say they cant give me a percentage but most likely above %60 chance of cancer. My question has anyone gone through sclerosing adenosis or has more info about it?! Anyone got false negative core biopsy?! Im just too anxious and I wanna know either yes or not but not being uncertain is what I hate the most

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Re: Breast cancer or sclerosing Adenosis

Hi Layalk,

I'm sorry to hear about what you've been going through.

I hope you find some certainty soon. Everybody hates the waiting.

How are you feeling? 

The anxiety around waiting for test results is just awful. 

Try and find a distraction, but I know that it's easier said than done.

I've provided a link below that might provide some information for you.


Best of luck and please let me know how you go.


Re: Breast cancer or sclerosing Adenosis

I don't know about your condition, but can understand your impatience. It's confirmed I have cancer but they're still testing for all the finer details before telling me anything. The waiting game is terrible, there's no short cuts, and there's no Fastforward button. But you will get your answers.

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