Waiting for official diagnosis

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Waiting for official diagnosis

I’m 31 years old I presented to the Ed 3 weeks ago with abdominal pain I was given a ultrasound then had to go back for ct scan, I was told I have ascites and was given a abdominal tap but no fluid come out which the dr thought was odd, at this stage I was told I have several complex masses on my ovaries and omentum. I was then sent to westmead hospital to see an gynecologist oncologist he believes that the cancer is of my appendix as the ascites is gelatinous (mucin) I went for a diagnostic/staging laparoscopy surgery on Tuesday just gone they look samples of the ascites, uterus, appendix and took my right ovary and Fallopian tube. I am now waiting for the results which I was told would be about 7 days. I’ve been told it’s a rare cancer 1-2 people per million per year are diagnosed, I’m trying to keep myself together until I have been officially diagnosed but honestly I’m a mess I had no idea I was going to be thrown this I didn’t suspect cancer at all I thought I had a leaky gut or ulcer something “easy” to fix, Ever since I heard the big c I’ve fallen into a slump I used to be so active exercising everyday doing a minimum of 20,000 each day, I haven’t left the house since finding out only for appointments, staying away from people as I don’t want to upset my family. Feeling very lost and confused .


Re: Waiting for official diagnosis

I can understand your feelings. There's always questions of how or why for which there never seems to be an answer. And it's understandable to not want others to know about. However, it's good to have someone you feel comfortable with to talk about it. Someone supportive with whom you can share your feeling, or fears even. It all takes time but sometimes time seems to be the enemy. Try to maintain your activity as much as possible, your medical team can give you advice on this. But also keep your mind active and occupied as much as possible, it's important to your mental health. The name I use is a contraction of the old saying "Mens sana in corpore sano" - Sound mind, sound in body. My "sound in body" has gone a bit wonky, but I'm making every effort to keep the "sound mind" part.


Wishing you the best. Take care.

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