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Hi everyone im back.I said i was quiting this site but have changed my mind and am going  to try to help support people like myself with no support and everyone and anyone i can in someway. This site has opened my eyes to that im not the only one suffering. Everyone on here suffers.

I just became overwhelmed by the storys of peoples life and struggles.

I hope i find wisdom, knowldge and friends here on this site.

Depression and Anxiety play a huge roll in my unhappiness and affects how you think good and bad and basicly for me anyway my entire life almost. I think this aspect of our diseases should be discussed more in the future.

Im sorry if i offended anyone or triggered anyone by saying i was leaving.

Im not.I dont have anywhere else to turn besides counselors, doctors and god.



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Re: Depression&Anxiety....

My depression is dibilitating along with anxiety and guilt having to mum in a nursing home.

My biggest fear there is that i will pass before her and she will have nobody to support her. Well no family as we are a fracturrd and broken family.

So this causes me much saddness in not so much ill pass one day but the possibility i will pass before mum.

The thought breaks me in two.

What problems im going to endure etc like all of us also.

What  tactics do you use ? to try avoid these thoughts and feelings!

Would be good to resd some suggestions. Keeping busy obviously is one way but that isnt always possible when having cancer or a carer for a cancer or other disease patient due to sickness and treatment.

My mind never stops. Does yours ...carer or patient.??



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Re: Depression&Anxiety....

That is good news you stayed on this site,here is where you can come to vent your frustrations,ask for help and support,and reach out to others in need,we all cope differently with things in life,I have seen first hand the effects of depression with family and friends it can strike anyone at any time no one is immune,medication can help as well as counselling ,it is an illness that can drag you down,but as long as you can get out of bed each day you are working on overcoming the feelings that come with it,fractured families makes life much more difficult for everyone.A Cancer diagnosis can definitely be a factor in causing depression .I found talking to others in the same situation as myself  helped me during the difficult periods

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Re: Depression&Anxiety....

Thanks for your reply.

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Re: Depression&Anxiety....

Hi David69,


Depression is horrible.  I think everyone suffers from it to some degree at least once in their lifetime.  Some have the ability to drag themselves up out of the depths.  

To me, when I wake up each day, it's a GOOD day.  I'm alive!  From there though, so many things can happen to change the way a person feels.  I tend to be a happy person in general.  I don't dwell on things I can't control, as there is no point.  If I can't change something, I won't stress over it.

Silly question, as you probably have, but have you tried doing something you enjoy throughout your day?  Do you enjoy reading, or listening to stories?  Art or crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles - something to cheer you up?

I've heard that "Mindfulness" can reduce anxiety.  It's a form of meditation & something that needs practice to get it 'right', but it is there for anyone to try & doesn't cost anything to boot.


I hope you can find something to help cheer you up.





Re: Depression&Anxiety....

Just curious..

   Dave I am familiar with depression from my younger years but never had much to do with anxiety.

   I was actually manic depressive, found that the manic states were a lot more conducive to exploiting my inner creativity.  Eventually i learned to really dwell on successes (however small) to ignore setbacks...which really helped allay depression.

   Your returning to help makes me suspect you have come seeking small victories that will inevitably give you a more positive outlook.

  Welcome back.  


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