Diagnosed 3C Endometrial Cancer (Clear cell) last year @ aged36

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Diagnosed 3C Endometrial Cancer (Clear cell) last year @ aged36

Hi there,

I'm new to this forum. It's been 10 months since I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Endometrial Cancer. It took 6 months to get diagnosed after I found that my menstration cycle was out of whack (symptoms: prolonged periods, discharge, bloating). I knew immediately that something was wrong and contacted my doctor who unfortunately didn't take my symptoms seriously. After back and forth visits, I was put on a waiting list at various hospitals for a D&C. After a 6 month wait results came back with cancer. I had a hysterectomy (no children, did IVF with ny partner), now have menopausal symptoms (not too bad) and am currently undergoing an Immunotherapy trial and I am responding well. My metastic tumors are shrinking and the spotting on my lymph nodes have remained the same size. I still worry about the day I may stop responding the treatment.  My body sometimes feels strange, and  produces weird sensations.I'm very hypersensitive to all body changes which gives me anxiety sometimes. I THINK I'm one of the youngest diagnosed at Royal Womens and Peter Mac but can’t be sure. I have great family and friends  support (some not so great) but it can also be a lonely road. Just seeing if there are people out there of a similar age that can share there story and connect?

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Re: Diagnosed 3C Endometrial Cancer (Clear cell) last year @ aged36

Hi Vonchies

I just wanted to say hello.

I had an endometrial cancer diagnosis three years ago and am now a volunteer on the Cancer Connect program. 

I am somewhat older at 58, but just wanted wave to you.

Anything slightly weird that happens in my body spikes my anxiety. My Mum is currently having chemo for Ovarian cancer and being back in all those places doesn't help much either!

I found myself a psychologist who specialises in people with a cancer history - I saw her again only yesterday. I am amazed at what extra info she has that I haven't heard from anyone else. And it's another place to ask those pesky questions that bother us all. 

As I said I am not sure I can add much .

But I am here if you want to ask me anything - really. 



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