Just diagnosed with leukemia

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Just diagnosed with leukemia

Hi everyone. This week I went to my GP in Childers Q with chest pains. Now I am in hospital in Brisbane about to start chemo, tomorrow morning. The doctors and nurses have been really free with the information and that has been really helpful. I am writing down all my questions and then asking for a semi-formal q&a session with them. This has led to some really good sessions where i have felt in control of the agenda; I am really getting the info I need. I have always been interested in the mind-body connection. So I am also exploring what this disease means within the broader context of my life. Lately, I have been feeling rather useless and powerless, especially as I could not find job. So, perhaps there are some linkages between these depressed feelings and the leukemia. I will keep an open mind. I am feeling very optimistic about my recovery, based mainly on what my doctors have told me. They seem to be really committed to the job as well as being very rigorous about the science. I feel blessed to be in such good hands. Best wishes to everyone else on this site. Through the power of the internet, maybe we can help each other.
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Re: Just diagnosed with leukemia

It's great you are using such good strategies to maintained some level of control, whilst at the same time making sure you have the information you need. I am one of the cynics who do not believe in the concept of positivity(and in fact get very cross with people who think you can cure cancer by being positive. This infers if you dont succeed in curing it you havent been positive enough and therefore its your fault!) although I absolutely accept that there is a mind/body connection. My own experience, after 4 years of stage 4 lung cancer, is that being up beat does help us cope with treatment and side effects which in turn makes life a little easier. And it also makes us a little bit easier for other people to be around! And it's great your doctors and care team seem to be so much on your side. I remember noting just how hard these drs work to keep us alive. Aren't they great! Gail
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