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Hi...don't be scared. Your story sounds like the docs could catch the cancer early. My dad has had stage 4 terminal lung cancer for 18 months and he's still okay but they didn't catch this early. Dad left it too late due to pride or embarrassment. He won't say. He was a candidate for a trial as he also had a Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and though the treatment is working on his cancers, the side effects make him weak. So my advice is, change your diet, eat fresh organic vegetables and fruits, no carbs (these turn to sugar in your body, and cancer cells feed off sugar). PET/CT (some MRI) tracers they inject you with might attract cancer cells and are highlighted by the tracer. There are different types of tracers. An Avid 18 tracer can show up different cancers to what an Avid 11 can for example but your radiologist is the best one to ask about this. Your radiographer may not know about the No.11. I don't know if they use this in Australia. My doctor won't tell me. Because imaging can pose a health risk to us, it's wise to thoroughly detox from radiation exposure and radionuclear tracers and other contrast dyes.  I wish someone had have told me about this decades ago. I have damage from treatments because I wasn't educated about them early on. I could have taken precautions if I had been.  Just drink a hell of a lot of juices and keep your body alkaline. Keep up the Vit C. Bs. B12, lysine (helps with ulcers that treatments can give you), and general nutritional care but the nurses are good with any advice you need. Chicken and vegetable soup (with bones) is good because you get the gelatine that your bones need plus it's more alkaline than a hamburger on the run (that sounds funny but you know what I mean). Protein can be acidic but red meat is more of a problem than white. Sardines if you like these are healthy. Smaller fish and canned fish is nutritious. Stay away from sugar and carbohydrates. Some potatoes though are nutritious including sweet potato. To take comfort, billions of people have gone through their own journey and have come out the other side to write blogs like I'm doing now to help you. No matter what stage, you can always beat this with proper health care and nutrition. All the best.



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