World Pancreatic Cancer Day November 15

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World Pancreatic Cancer Day November 15

This Cancer needs more funding ,research awareness and publicity.

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Re: World Pancreatic Cancer Day November 15

I could not agree more @kj Heart


I've got some things I've been putting together, I'll add them to this thread a little later today!

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Re: World Pancreatic Cancer Day November 15

Here's a little bit of information I've been gathering, that may assist people with pancreatic cancer!


Where can I find information about Pancreatic Cancer?

There’s a great deal of information on Cancer Council Australia’s website about Pancreatic Cancer.


We also have a handy PDF booklet that you can download and read at your leisure: Understanding Pancreatic Cancer (893 kB). We’re more than happy to send out a physical copy of this book, simply send an email to along with your postal address.


Newly diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer

If you’ve just been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer or are deciding on treatment options, our Cancer Connect program can provide you with the opportunity to talk one-to-one over the phone with a trained volunteer who has had a similar cancer diagnosis and/or treatment.


Our Connect volunteers share their experiences and how they coped, and in turn can offer you practical information, support and hope. Simply call 13 11 20 during business hours, Mon-Fri and they will be able to give you more information and make the appropriate referrals. This program is also free of charge and incredibly beneficial.


Living with Pancreatic Cancer

People are living longer with Pancreatic Cancer, though much more research is needed as well as awareness. In collaboration with the Pancare Foundation, we run a Telephone Support Group (TSG) twice a month, for people living with Pancreatic Cancer.


Anyone with Pancreatic Cancer is welcome to join, regardless of the stage your cancer may be at. The TSG groups are a great way to openly talk with others and to share your experiences and strategies with people in your situation.


Similarly, if you're a Carer of someone with Pancreatic Cancer, we also run a group that meets twice a month in the same fashion. It's a great source of shared support!


This is program that runs Australia-wide and is free of charge. Call 1300 755 632 or send an email to with your best contact number and we’ll arrange for one of the team members to contact you.


What next?

Talk about your experiences here in the Online Community! Raise awareness about Pancreatic Cancer in your family and friend networks, you may also like to make contact with the Pancare Foundation or Cancer Council and enquire about becoming a volunteer.


Do you have any ideas? Smiley Happy

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Re: World Pancreatic Cancer Day November 15

Thanks Kate for posting such relevant information for everyone.

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