Metastatic cervical cancer

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Metastatic cervical cancer

Hi my name is Jess I'm 30 years old and I was diagnosed with stage 2B cervical cancer back in October 2015 I was told it was curable and under went 5 weeks of radiation and chemo. Everything was going fine, I joined a gym for cancer patients to get their strength back. 6 months after I finished treatment I noticed 3 lumps in my neck. A pet scan showed that the cancer had spread to lymph nodes in my abdomen and my neck. Just my luck I thought! It is now called metastatic cervical cancer and is not curable, I will always have it. 

So in September 2016 I under went 18 weeks of chemotherapy which was an absolute nightmare, I'm so weak and mentally exhausted. But the lumps have all shrunk to where we can barely see them on the pet scan a little win for me. I was to continue with Avastin every 3 weeks to keep the lumps shrunk and hopefully they won't grow again.

So, February 2017 laying in bed trying to go to sleep I feel a lump in my neck again. My heart broke. I thought no way! I'm dreaming this can't be. I wake in the morning praying it was all a dream, I feel my neck and sure enough there is a lump! I cried that whole day. 

So another PET scan later I find out on my birthday that Yes! The cancer is growing again.

Some birthday present hey! 

Anyway, I'm about to start a trial for 3 sessions of high dose radiation on my neck and 12 months of Immunotherapy. I'm petrified. What if this doesn't work? I guess we will just have to wait and see. 

Has anyone had the immunotherapy? 

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Re: Metastatic cervical cancer

Morning Jess!


I've just responded to your other thread about the immunotherapy and have tagged RoseAdelaide as well, so hopefully she will be able to share some insights about that.


I am sorry that you had to find out the news on your birthday, of all days but then I guess there's never a good day to hear that Smiley Frustrated


Try and stay positive, post on here as much as you like! Heart

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Re: Metastatic cervical cancer

Yes I have had metastatic melanoma and they finally allowed immunotherapy after many issues of not being allowed. Just be careful of your eyes. If there is any change at all with your vision you MUST go to the eye hospital. Professor McCluskey in Sydney is the best for knowing about this. Just watch any bodily changes. You need to monitor yourself. Only you know when things are changing. I pray that all goes well. Try having Bowen Therapy to increase your immunity and be gentle with your body. All the best. Write to me if you need more information.

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