Stage 3 cervical cancer... 2nd time around

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Stage 3 cervical cancer... 2nd time around

I first found out I had stage 3 cervical cancer just over 3 years ago.


It was scary and felt very unfair. Everyone needs to be educated about HPV. Especially the men..  ( they have no idea, or I think they'd happily wrap it more often)


I went through hell but had the support of my beautiful bf and family. I came out knowing I'd be ok but chose to have surgery for removal of cervix and lymph nodes. I didn't want treatment as it kills your eggs and I wanted to have another baby with my partner.


I had my first montly pap and all clear. Time flew by and it's now been 3 yrs and we finally have our little miracle baby even though I have no cervix and just stenosis below my uterus... what a blessing in it's own.


I have just been diagnosed again, not sure what stage as of yet. But I am petrified.


Anyone else had a reoccurance after the procedure??


I'm so frightened I may not be so lucky this time round. I have many symptoms... back aches near my kidneys, leg pain, abdo cramping pelvic discomfort and unusual periods/discharge ( not that I really get them anymore due to stenosis )


 Anyone else have a similar story ? I am feeling very lost and don't want to scare my family again.


Thanks in advance



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Re: Stage 3 cervical cancer... 2nd time around

Hi @Sharz,


Just checking in, how are you doing today? Have you had any further news or information about your diagnosis?


I can totally understand your fear, sending hugs! Heart


Has anyone else had any experience with cervical cancer or even a reccurance of cancer that could share their experiences with Sharz?


The following may also be of interest/of use to you as well Sharz:

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