My result

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My result

Hi, i have done my bioscopy.. and today i just got a phone call from my doc and she said that i need to come and see her to arrange my operation ...she say that my result is HIGH GRADE ... and i need to do operation as soon as possible..Where i can get help for a fund to my hosiptal if that cost me too much?! 

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Re: My result

Hi aina_abdullah,

Are you a public patient in a public hospital?


The first step is to find out from your surgeon and she or he can give you their fees.

Pretty much all of the costs are available before you go in. Discuss with the hospital and surgeon your financial situation.

My surgeons and hospital fees were pretty reasonable and were available up front.  I was a private patient, but it wasn't like I was attending a private hospital or some super expensive surgeon.

Contentrat on getting the costs first. Don't panic yet.





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Re: My result

Hii... yes im on a public hospital... i will meet my doc on monday ... so i can discuss first wth her bfre do a operation.. thank you for ur info... I appreciate it..🥰

Re: My result

Just wondering how you went with the doctor.

If you qualify for Medicare and are a public patient in a public hospital, there should be no cost to you for any surgeries or admissions.

Sometimes patients are sent to see a specialist on a private basis so they can get placed on the waiting list more quickly than if they waited to see a specialist at the clinics. That sounds like what might have happened in your case.
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