Newly diagnosed T Cell Peripheral Lymphoma (NOS)

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Newly diagnosed T Cell Peripheral Lymphoma (NOS)

Hi there, I have finally been diagnosed with T Cell Peripheral Lymphoma, following a splenectomy on 25th June. After all the usual tests, the disease has been staged at 1A. This is great news. I am due to start chemo this week even though all scans and the Bone Marrow Biopsy show no sign or lymphoma. Clearly it was eradicated when my spleen was removed. Nevertheless I am having 6 x fortnightly CHOP treatments and would welcome any advice or information about what to expect. My doctor has also said that I will have G-CSF injections and am slightly concerned about the prospect of having to give myself injections. Any suggestions as to how to deal with this would also be welcome. Looking for to my life beyond cancer.
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Re: Newly diagnosed T Cell Peripheral Lymphoma (NOS)

Hi Bella Sorry i cant really be much help to you, other than to suggest that they put a butterfly thingy in you for the injections? Not sure if they will do this for someone that isnt in hospital - suppose it is worth asking the question. Julie
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