Skin care during radiation


Re: Skin care during radiation

HI Shane

I am continuing to do well. Now working 30 hrs per week in my usual job. I had PEG removed last Friday which makes me feel like a normal person.


My hearing continues to be a little muffled. Conversations with humans are ok (unless too many people) but I notice a lot of tv shows are quite unclear. Turning up volume doesn't help at all. I have decided that a lot of people on tv shows mumble!  I have a referral to an audiologist in a couple of weeks though have no idea how they could help. My specialist says my hearing could still get better, get worse, remain unchanged.  I figure I will just have to live with that particular side effect.


I attempted my first run this week and quickly discovered that the dry mouth/lack of saliva is a big problem. I will have to buy a backpack that holds water. Or a bottle belt thingy. 


I am still a work in progress but overall, I feel optimistic and well. I am medication free, sleep well at night, eat nutritious meals and drink a lot of water (especially with meals).  


Hope all is going ok with you.


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Re: Skin care during radiation

Hi Angie


Sorry its taken a while to reply, I've been a bit busy living and haven't visited the page for a while.


Really glad you are back on your feet - literally by the sounds of it if you are running!!


Yes the dry mouth makes it hard to push your limits, though mine got a little better over time.  


My cancer is still active but the palliative immunotherapy treatment seems to have kept it stable for the past few months - I hope it keeps working for a very long time 🙂



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