Surgery fear

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Re: Surgery fear

Hi sch, 


well first surgery completed Tueeda then home friday. They successfully re mmoved tubiur - waiting.   fot   confirmation they thInk  a gist.. 

emergency op Sunday night to repair holr and fit feed tube and a visit to icu. . Nil hy mouth for 3 days then need ct swalkae test to rnsure oesophagus is ok. Kind of regretting it all so far. Hopefully my luck will improve soon


Re: Surgery fear

Just checked your post now, Want to know how are you doing recently?

Have you gone through the surgery? If yes, how was it?

Are you still anxious? I'll suggest doing some meditation for anxiety, it will really help to overcome your anxiety.

I really hope that you are doing well now and will be all better in future!

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Re: Surgery fear

Hi Jubbly,

How are you going now? Is it getting better now?

Sounds like it was a bit rough before.

Hope it's improved a bit for you.

Let us know.



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