Struggling with the uncertainty

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Struggling with the uncertainty

hi, I'm just wondering if there are others out there that struggle to sleep at night. It seems like the rest of the world is able to roll over and sleep while I sit in the lounge room and my mind races, like after midnight my brain starts to process all the activities, the tears, the WAITING, the docs - mostly the ones that scratch their heads, what is going to happen, will they risk the operation...  sleeping tablets, meditation. Anxiety. Fear. Impatience. Frustration. And all while everyone else sleeps. No help line to chat to, don't want to wake the sleeping. Depression washes over in waves. Scared.

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Re: Struggling with the uncertainty

Hi Jubbly,

I actually read your post last night, but didn't respond. Yes, I am often awake until late/early.


What I've found helped me deal with issues like these is writing them down.

Each night, try writing about what is going on in a journal. I found it helped 

Maybe some meditation would be beneficial too?

Have you been talking to someone about all of this?




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Re: Struggling with the uncertainty


Hi your emotions feelings thoughts are very similar to mine at s4 3/4 hrs sleep at times a night so hard to switch off worried for my wife and kids mindful of what results I Well get in early Jan

Pain killers help sleeping pills only last 3/4 hrs but have found playing some mood/ sleep music very low gives the mind something to concentrate on and this does help

Staying positive having and kicking even small goals having a good support network family friends workmates is all a tremendous help and so good for mental and physical endurance

Good luck on your journey and may each and every day bring rich rewards for and to you

kind Regards Peter


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