Trouble with after effects?


Trouble with after effects?

Hi everyone, I'm wondering if anyone is having trouble with after effects from Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments? I'm 60 year old male, I had head and neck cancer last year, I had 35 Radiation treatments and Chemotherapy of 5 weeks of Cisplatin and 2 weeks of Carboplatin / Paclitaxel treatment. It knocked me around a lot. I ended in hospital with what they thought was blood clots in my lungs, it turned out the base of both my lungs had collapsed. 11 days on oxygen, I was sent home. 5 months later [ and no follw ups ] I'm still having breathing problems. I have seen a Respitory Specialist and after scans and test they found nothing wrong? I have numbness in my forearms from the same time, and it doesn't happen? I have read up on everything that has been reported in my scans and tests. The damage the Chemo and Radiation can do, I'm wondering if a specialist that doesn't specialise in caner treatments, really understand what it can do to the body? Chemotherapy can damage the hair inside the lungs that absorb the oxygen that transfers it to the blood, it doesn't show up on a standard ct scan? [ from what iv'e read. ] I'm just wonder if anyone else has had delayed after effects after their treatmens?

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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