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Hello,  I've just been diagnosed with breast cancer, after feeling a ridge of tissue in my left breast.  The diagnosis didn't overly shock me for some reason.  I'm booked in soon for a lumpectomy, sentinel node removal radiotherapy and oral chemo for 7 years.  I have been  relatively good for the last week since diagnosis, but tonight my head is aching, my neck feels tight and sore, I just noticed I've lost a kilo...and I'm starting to worry about whether this tumour has already metastasised.  I'm wondering if I need a full body scan - though my surgeon didn't seem to think this was necessary.  Can someone please tell me if this is normal - is every little ache and pain I feel going to worry me?  Should I have a scan to see what is going on? If others could let me know what they think, I would really really appreciate it 

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Re: Worried

Hi Tessg,


I'm so sorry about your diagnosis.  You haven't said which hospital you will be attending but I assume you have a team of doctors taking care of you throughout this.


A nurse recently told me that they encourage patients to be advocates for themselves.  You know your body better than anyone else does.  If your surgeon doesn't think you need a full body scan perhaps you could express your concerns to your GP.  It is pretty normal to worry about every ache and pain after diagnosis.  It's better to be safe than sorry later on.  I'm not sure which diagnostic tool would be best so as your GP. Perhaps a PET scan, MRI or CT scan with dye which highlights any affected area.  I think most surgeons do instigate these types of scans to now exactly what they are dealing with and if there's nothing abnormal there at least they have a baseline to compare later on with any further scans.  It's also good to have your fears resolved one way or the other.  


Good luck on your treatment and recovery.  I hope all goes well for you. 



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Re: Worried

Hi anxiety is normal and expected

  • Organize to speak to a psychologist/counsellor 
  • Keep a journal of emotions


  • Record your Drs appointments
  • Also prepare some questions ahead of time for the Drs
  • You are doing a great job for reaching out it is all overwhelming

I've been dealing with cancer for 6years now 

You've got to take it day by day and sometimes hour by hours 


Do things u enjoy 

Watching a movie


It is difficult to zone out I understand that 

Meditation is good and there is cds/ and YouTube meditation available 


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Re: Worried

Hi Tess

i know it is difficult not to worry, but rest assured, you are in the best care and the medical experts will do everything they can. Let them be your guide. Find peace in your family and friends and the great in your life, find peace in meditation and mindfulness.  Hope all will be ok for u. 

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Re: Worried

Hi, I felt worried too. I had the lumpectomy and SLNB on Feb 28, 2024. The lymph nodes were clear and the cancer was a Stage 1.  I go for radiation in about 2 weeks and then take an AI for 5 years.

I was also diagnosed with endometrial cancer in Dec 2023 and had a full hysterectomy on Feb 5, 2024 to remove the cancer.  I started wondering if I needed a full body scan.

After the lumpectomy, I met with a Breast Oncologist who was brilliant, and kind and she assured me I didn't need the scan.  She was recommended by other medical personnel. What helped me was finding Drs that I felt comfortable with and trusted. But I totally get the worry, I am worrying now as I started spotting again and I'm 9 weeks post hysterectomy, so am going to see the surgeon on Thursday. I read on this forum that the worry seems to lessen when the follow up scans/visits show 'normal' results. So it sounds like good follow up results and time help. Ugh. Not sure I helped myself by writing that. I just want this to be done and not have to worry ever again about getting cancer. But I don't have the option anymore. There is no way I can turn off my emotions as I feel and think deeply. It's nice to have a forum to be able to connect with others and know I am not alone. Hope you get some good results soon. Sending you a virtual hug. 

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