adenocarcinoma of the left lung / bowel cancer

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adenocarcinoma of the left lung / bowel cancer

Hi on the 23rd of September I had the lower left lobe of my left lung removed. All the lymph nodes on the chest came back clear and won't really know much more till I see the specialist again on the 20th of October. The cancer was  a adenocarcinoma 35mm x 23mm x22mm and  discovered after doing a home bowel screening test that you get in the mail. It came back as positive and having been a smoker in the past my GP thought it a good idea to do a chest Xray, thank heavens she did.   Once the lung is all sorted I move onto sorting out the bowel cancer, can't say i'm looking forward to it as the pain from this op is only just becoming bearable, but thankful for the way things are going so far. 


Re: adenocarcinoma of the left lung / bowel cancer

Hi Darlene,

I am sure you are glad your operation for lung removal  is over but sorry it was/is so painful.  Hopefully the pain  will ease up quickly.   I too have lung cancer but wasn't able to have the lung removal operation but can only imagine how painful it is.  Hopefully you can get rest and regroup this next month.  

Wishing you well with the road ahead.  I, too, am starting a new road as I have had a recurrence of my lung cancer so am not looking forward to whatever is ahead also.



Re: adenocarcinoma of the left lung / bowel cancer

I also have lung cancer in my lower left lobe which was discovered incidentally during scans for another primary cancer.  I'm still immunocompromised from chemotherapy for the other cancer so I'm having SBRT for the lung cancer.

I can understand your apprehension about what lies ahead.  I had a positive result on the home bowel screen test a few years ago and a colonoscopy revealed three pre-cancerous polyps.  I'm due for another colonoscopy, as well as a mammogram, next year and after having two separate cancers diagnosed this year it all seems a bit much.

Good luck with your continuing recovery from the lung surgery.  Make sure they refer you for pulmonary rehabillitation.

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