Debilitating Stress

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Debilitating Stress

Hi I was diagnosed with breast cancer in dec-21 and had a lumpectomy with clear margins and no spread. same breast had 3 cancers, 2 types. one of the types the most aggresive type. i refused radiation and chemo. went the natural route on the advice of family and the side effects of radiation/chemo and the hormone blockers they were going to put me on. i had my recent tests and thank God all is clear. next test is early next year. but the further time goes on, it seems the more depressed I am getting. I avoid doctors, hospitals at all costs when i can which unfortunately i can't now. my stress and anxiety is so high that i have to stop working. so it has impacted me financially. i have gone to psychiatrist and psychologist and the best I have received is "think positive" which doesn't help at all because if I could think positive i wouldn't be suffering so much. i am now on anti-depressants which have done nothing for me. I am a single mother. I am scared 24/7. I feel like I'm living in a cramped hole with no light. i don't enjoy anything. i can't concentrate on anything. I have racing thoughts. it's hard to fall asleep and when i do, i wake up in shock and horror many times every night. my quality of life has gone downhill. nobody seems to underatnad what i'm feeling. they tell me it's all clear so go live life. that's how i felt when i first had the lumpectomy. but the more time goes the more mentally i'm suffering more. i have cognitively declined. i have taken leave without pay for months because i wasn't able to concentrate at work. no focus. no memory. i don't know why i can't concentrate now. i have zero focus. i used to be super sharp. i'm not the same person i was 3 years ago... she was happy, lucky, hopeful and a go-getter. i want to go back to that. does anyone know of a docotr or psycholost (who don't charge an arm and leg) or a remedy i can' try? i want to get my life back please if you can help me i would really appreciate it. 

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